Ryan Moore

Owner President

Previous Work History: Ryan has been dedicated to building cabinets with his dad since he was 16 years old, and his passion continues. At 26, Ryan went to work for a vendor of the cabinet industry for 4 years where he managed part of the manufacturing plant and was also a wood products manager – he even got to travel to Asia! In 2014 he realized the strong passion he held was in the construction of the cabinets themselves, so he made his way back to Texas and created Moore’s Custom Cabinets. His enthusiasm for cabinets began at a young age, and without his dedication to the family tradition MCC would not be where it is today.

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: oversee the daily business activities by acting as the general manager, ensuring every step of a single project is successfully completed. As an owner/president, I welcome new members to the team and provide them with the appropriate training needed.  I also provide all the financial information for Moore’s Custom Cabinets, including pushing the company to meet yearly goals and verifying all transactions. I spend everyday here in the office and out in the field improving our business, and holding our team up to the adequate standards.

Personal Info: I was lucky enough to find my amazing wife, and together we have 4 handsome boys! Yes, she is very outnumbered, but I think she secretly loves it. With any extra time that I have, I love spending it fishing or swimming. I enjoy being outdoors building things at home with my little ones. And when we get time, I plan long weekend getaways with the wife. Making time for family is one thing I will always demand from my team, because in the end, family is everything.

Why did you start Moore’s Custom Cabinets?: I have always had the dream of owning my own business and I was always told if you want something – go for it. Being self employed is the best thing I have ever done for myself personally. Just like years ago, my family made people happy by creating beautiful and durable cabinets for our community. I dreamed of continuing the family tradition and serving our neighborhood by providing great service and quality, so I did just that. I knew that our area was lacking a trustworthy cabinet producer, so to fill the need I created what is known today as Moore’s Custom Cabinets.

Jesse Kulczyzki

Sales/Design Manager

Previous Work History: Jesse was formally a regional sales manager for a large company in the equine industry.

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Oversee and manage all design, including sales and design meetings. I hold design meetings in order for customers to visual the custom cabinets going into their home, and I adjust the drawings to the customers’ needs and provide great customer service to them. Outside of my design roles, I also organize scheduling directly with builders on future projects. I welcome all new customers to our business and give them the details to what our service entails. I try my best to expand our client base and do what is best for Moore’s Custom Cabinets.

Personal Info: I am married to my lovely wife Brandi, and we have brought 3 boys into this world – Casen, Colby, and Cade. If I am not working, I want to be doing something outdoors! I enjoy my time hunting, fishing and even coaching little league baseball. If I cannot find something to do such as camping, I will be sure to find something on the ranch to entertain me!

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: My favorite aspect of Moore’s Custom Cabinets is the culture. We have a strong team that spends every day striving to exceed the customers expectations. We are always up for a challenge here at Moore’s, and when new projects are brought to the drawing board we all use our creativity to meet the customers needs. I love the challenges that this job brings me, and every day it is something different that gets my cleverness rolling.

Aaron Zuniga

Commercial/Residential Project Manager/Cabinet Engineer

Previous Work History: I have been in the cabinet industry for over 10 Years – started as a shop helper and worked my way up. Project management and engineering have been my focus for several years. My background is in CNC Programing and Drafting including CAD, Sketchup, V Carve, KDC and Cabinet Vision. 

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: take a Millwork Project from start to finish – communicating with architects, designers, general contractors, and builders. I also design and engineer commercial and custom residential millwork, manage the engineering stage for residential projects, program and trouble-shoot CNC routers, and research development of new cabinet engineering methods.

Personal Info: I have been married for 9 years and together we have 2 Children – one girl and one boy. My hobbies outside of work involve taking care of my reef tank, playing with my kids, cooking, and fishing.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: The main reason I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets is the work environment, and the people here are awesome.

Billy Zuniga

Project Manager

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets: Review, create and manage project plans. I also help with issue identification, resolution and allocating project resources. I do my best to make sure project goals are met.

Personal Info: I married my high school sweetheart, and we have been together for 14 years. This year (2020) we are welcoming our first child and could not be any more excited. Outside of work you can find me outdoors, my favorite place to be. I enjoy being near or around nature, I am drawn to adventure and take advantage of any chance I get to go on day hikes and exploration.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: I enjoy working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets because we are a big family that share the same values and goals. I am part of the first generation of employees that started what we are today. And just like how Moore’s has grown to be the best cabinet maker in the area, I have grown with it to become a better man for my family and team. Overall, I am happy to be a part of the MCC team.

Joy Williams

Estimator and Administrative Assistant

Previous Work History: Joy previously worked for Care Flite and World Marketing.

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Process all residential bids, handle billing, installation scheduling and time keeping for payroll. When you enter the office, I will be the first to welcome you!

Personal Info: When I’m not working, I enjoy being outdoors and traveling when possible. Cooking and dining out is also a favorite hobby. I have one grown son and a doggie.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: Working at Moore’s is like working with family – we have built a strong team environment. Ryan Moore has a clear vision and the intellect to make it materialize. He is fair, easy going and fun to work for.

Johnny Bachhofer

Design Specialist

Previous Work History: Johnny owned a mobile car detailing company prior to working at Moore’s.

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Draw preliminary drawings for customer meetings, take field dimensions, walk jobs with customers, and have design meetings with the customers to give them a better vision of their project. I also help with the production schedule and make sure the job is ready for install.

Personal Info: I am married to Maria Bachhofer, and together we have one son born in 2016 – Oliver. After work, I enjoy being outside, playing sports such as softball and grilling for my family. Fun Fact: Oliver and I are the only boys in a house of 4 women!

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: I enjoy working at Moore’s custom cabinets because it is a friendly environment and the people I work with are great.

Kailey Marksberry

Design Specialist

Previous Work History: Prior to working for Moore’s Custom Cabinets, Kailey had 2 internships at Walt Disney World in Florida for construction management. She worked on the resort renovations for multiple resorts on property.

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Design cabinets for customers throughout their home. I help bring their vision and everyday activities to a functional layout. I also hold design meetings with the customers to help them visualize what their cabinets will look like with our 3D software.

Personal Info: I got engaged to my high school sweetheart in 2019 at Walt Disney World, and we are planning our wedding for December 2021. We have been together for almost 9 years and together we have one fur baby – Zoey. After work hours I enjoy spending time at the dog park or crafting. If I am not at work, I am either on a cruise or at Disney! P.S. – I might have a slight obsession with Disney.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: I am new to the Moore’s family, but I can already tell that I am going to love it here. I love the work we do and the dedication we have towards our customers. Drafting is my favorite thing to do, so who wouldn’t love doing it every day as their job? Also, I get to work with some fantastic people too.

Brent Hayworth

Project Manager

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: am out in the field often to verify dimensions, and I also see projects to completion.

Personal Info: I am married to Amber, and we have been together since high school. Together, we enjoy attending concerts and watching The Office on loop. Some of my hobbies include listening to music and podcasts, reading, and watching documentaries.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: Knowing I work for a company that takes care of their people every day.

Jeremy Stubblefield

Punch out, Rework and Warranty Manager

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Manage all punch out for jobs, and make sure that we deliver our best work. If anything comes up after a project has been installed, I will be the first to make sure it is taken care of. All of our cabinets come with a warranty, and I am responsible for handling those items as well as any inspection duties that follow all of the above.

Personal Info: I am married to my beautiful wife and together we have 3 boys. When I am not in the office, I enjoy music, theology, and spending all the extra time I can with family.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: I like working at MCC because there is a vision and commitment for excellence.

Bryan Jacks

Production Manager

Previous Work History: Prior to employment at Moore’s Custom Cabinets, Bryan owned a cabinet shop. His history and knowledge of cabinetry has been a great asset to the team.

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Manage a crew of approximately 25 people in the shop – the people behind all the work put into our cabinets. I strive to make sure that all projects are seen to completion. The shop is where the drawings come to life and you get to see the full picture. I also manage the installers and make sure they leave the shop with all the materials and equipment they need to be successful out in the field. Most importantly, the shop has a lot of power tools and complicated machinery; I ensure safety is enforced while equipment is in use.

Personal Info: My wife and I got married in 2015, we both gave each other bonus children. My son and my daughter in law haven given me one grandson. I also have a stepdaughter and son in law.  And if either one of you are reading this, I would really like some more grandchildren, please and thank you! Outside of work you can find me on the water, either fishing or kayaking. When I cannot be on the water, I love getting my hands dirty building things, doing home projects, and writing myself a honey-do list.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: Cabinet making has always been a huge passion of mine, and getting to do it everyday is basically a dream job. We get to create cabinets that make people happy, it is a very rewarding position. I get to work my brain as much as my hands here at work and I enjoy every second of it.

Jonathan Ward

Installation Manager

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Ensure that the customer gets the best quality product and that it meets the highest standards. I also contribute to the growth of the company and customer relations. I manage everything out in the field – I can promise that our installation crew does their duties to their best ability and the customers home is taken care of with the utmost respect.

Personal Info: I am married to the love of my life, Kenda. Together we have 3 boys, and we love spending time together playing baseball, hanging out in the pool, and going on tractor rides. We also make time for working on projects and shooting guns.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: I enjoy the numerous relationships created with our employees and customers. I love having the opportunity to be able to teach others a new craft; every day I can teach someone something new. Wood working has always been a strong passion of mine, and I get the chance to do it every day.

John Shook

Quality Control

At Moore’s Custom Cabinets I: Oversee the quality of our cabinets out in the field after installation. I also ensure installation is done correctly and verify build quality.

Personal Info: In my spare time I enjoy raising dairy goats and New Zealand rabbits.

Why I like working at Moore’s Custom Cabinets: Moore’s has a caring ownership. Every part of this company is fair, honest and even better, it’s a warm Christian atmosphere.